October 20, 2014


welcome to our little corner of the internet. i'm so glad you stopped by.

just over a year ago we moved into our tiny 640 square foot apartment that we had just bought (eek!) - myself, my photography loving aspiring chef partner, our two crazy adorable cats and our hilarious fish.  it's a one bedroom in a condo building that hadn't even registered when we moved.  and while it's nice to have everything sparkly and new, the unit came without the character or history that older homes have.

so, that brings me to why we have decided to start this:  it's a way to explore and share ideas and projects on how we turn this little square box into a unique, warm and inviting home.  i have had a million and one ideas on things to do since we looked at the unit over a year ago, with more crazy and fun ideas popping in my head every day.

and no blog of ours would be complete with plenty of photos of food, the cats (sorry, i just cannot help myself), and the sorts of shenanigans we get into.

i cannot wait to get started!

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