November 09, 2014

tray redo

this dark tray wasn't doing anything for the dark coffee table it was sitting (in addition to giving me a splinter every time i touched it). what easier way to spruce it up then a coat of paint.

as you can tell, this was a very low budget project.  the tray was actually free, given by a family member.  the only "tools" needed were sandpaper, white paint (i had grabbed a sample container of white for $5.00 at home depot for a previous project) & a fun paint colour for the top coat (i picked up this paint from michael's using a 50% off coupon). 

first i painted the white on the dark tray, so that the shade of yellow wouldn't be tinted darker.  after the white dried, i painted a few coats of the yellow paint (the original shade i painted was too dark, so i did a second layer in much lighter, sunnier yellow), letting it dry fully between coats.  finally, after the yellow paint dried (i waited until the next day), i aggressively sanded down the edges, corners, bumps and patches to bring out the shades under.  in some spots i sanded right through all the layers of paint to the wood.

this was my first attempt at distressing a painted item, & am quite pleased at how it turned out. the yellow adds a fresh pop of colour, bright with just a hint of worn. i thought it looked too new with just the paint - the scratches and scuffs give it character.  now i just need to find a home for it.  best of all, it was surprisingly easy.  have you ever tried distressed a freshly painted item? how did it turn out?

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