November 26, 2014

yarn wreath

happy hump day! i have a cute project to share today :)  a while back i saw a picture of this adorable festive wreath made with yarn.  i loved it & wanted one of my own.  the only problem was i had no clue where to get one.  so i decided to make my own!

what you need:  foam ring (circle or squared edges, whichever you prefer). yarn. ribbon.

what you do: take the end of the yarn, and wrap it around the foam once.  you can either tie a knot to secure it, or wrap over the end a few times to secure the piece.  then you keep wrapping and wrapping and wrapping.

in order to get the best coverage, i went around the ring a few times, wrapping in chunks without forcing the yarn to shift direction.  as you can see from the picture below, there were gaps in the yarn.  because i used yarn that changed colours, i tried to stay consistent with the colouring each time i went around.

once i was happy with how the yarn looked, making sure i didn't miss any spots, i cut the yarn leaving a few inches, and wrapped/tucked the piece into the wrapped yarn at the back of the wreath.  for the final touch, i tied a piece of pink ribbon to the top.

this project was really fun to do - a perfect craft to make while sitting and watching a movie or listening to a record.

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