January 26, 2015

before pictures

before i can show our progress on the place, i should show you the before pictures.  below are a few of the pictures that were online while the unit was up for sale.

first is a view of the living room. it's a pretty simple room, with the nice big open windows & doors at the end.  the second photo shows how each rooms flows into the other, with the living room at the end.  we both have so many ideas for this space!
next is the kitchen.  compared to our old kitchen, this space is amazing.  it's large enough that two people can fit in the space together, but small enough that everything is just an arm's reach away.  while i love the shape and size of the space (remember, we do live in a small condo!), i don't love how dark it is.  i shared a few ideas on how we could handle this space here.
this is the "den".  upon moving in, we have actually turned this nook into the dining room.  it's the perfect size for a nice table, and is located next to he kitchen.  here are a few of the goals b & i have for the dining room.
and, the bedroom.  again, nothing fancy about the space.  this is one of the rooms i am most excited about decorating, with a ton of ideas here.
and last but not least, the bathroom.  it's such a tiny room with no natural light.  this room going to be a challenge...but we are both up for a challenge.  here are some of the ideas for this room.
both of us love how bare & simple the space is. there is so much room for potential & imagination.  searching sites like pinterest and houzz for ideas on things has become something i am looking forward to doing.  it's such a great way to visualize an idea before you commit to it.   

b & i are so excited to work on our little home.  diy's are something we both enjoy doing.  each idea is something that we develop together, which will truly reflect the place as our home. i cannot wait to share the transformation!

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