December 09, 2014

dining room inspiration

i have three goals for this room: i want it to have a beautiful light fixture, to highlight/enhance some of the older pieces we have, and to be functional (because we live in such a small space, this room also has to pull double duty).

goal 1 [light]
ever since i can remember, i have wanted a chandelier in my home.  i love them, and would joke that my dream house would have one in every room!  now that i have a dining room, i finally have the opportunity to put one in. it it doesn't have to be large, but it needs to have character.  if i could find the right one, i think a fancy classic chandelier would be perfect for the space.

but, the room is such a blank slate right now that something modern could also work.  i really like the way the bare bulbs look hanging from the ceiling. different bulbs and lengths allow for a simple way to add character to the room.


via: pinterest
(images from coconfouatotwigs + sand)

goal 2 [decor]
the one piece of furniture in our home that holds the most sentimental value to me is the dining room table.  it was my grandfathers, and the seat cushions were hand made by my grandmother.  we always celebrated christmas eve as a family at my grandparents, with my parents & cousins piling around the table to enjoy a wonderful holiday meal.  it means so much and brings back so many happy memories.  for that reason, i want it to stand out in this room.

the chair cushions are too valuable & old to keep on the chairs. i think refinishing the chairs would help preserve their lifespan.  adding fun patterned fabric on the seat cushions would be a way to brighten up the room and add a touch of modern to such a old table.

these days i am also really loving the contrast of metal chairs against the rustic wooden table.  while it would not work with the chairs we currently have, they could always be re-purposed to another area of the house (we only have 4 chairs anyways).  the faux white fur adds a nice, comfortable touch, and the mesh pattern provides a minimal look next to the beautiful table.

(images from country living, refinery 29)

goal 3 [function - storage & pantry]
since the dining room table is the most important part of the room, something small that can be tucked into the corner would be ideal. i fell in love with the idea of using simple bookcase as a pantry (decorated on top with a beautiful tray & vintage bar bottles perhaps).  it would be a perfect place to store home canned preserves and some of the more beautiful serving dishes we have.

bookshelf pantry
(image from sweet tidings)

[function - laundry room]
the laundry closet is tucked in this room (it was originally labelled a den), and the door requires quite a bit of room to open.  the dining room table is already a tight squeeze, and this restriction isn't helping.  ever since we saw the place, we both instantly saw the potential for a sliding door in this spot (it was actually sort of weird, it was the first thing out of our mouths).  the first image is what started this whole idea - if only the laundry closet were slightly larger! and, if finding an old door proves difficult, there is a wonderful tutorial on how to make one.

55cade2461f547e2db50d18db1a030e4  Perfect for small spaces! sliding door DIY (click through for tutorial)
(images from liz marie blog & a beautiful mess)

this room needs a lot of work. it's a blank canvas just waiting to be painted.  i am not as sure about this room as i am with the bedroom or bathroom either, and know my ideas and tastes will change as we get started.  i cannot wait to share the process and the finished outcome!

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