December 27, 2014

kitchen inspiration

our new kitchen is definitely a vast improvement from our old one.  it's shaped like a U, which is much more conducive to cooking (everything is just an arm reach away).  the layout is one thing that i really like about it.  but the biggest problem with what we have right now is that it is so dark.  the cupboards are dark brown, the counter tops are flecked with browns (i call it the coffee counter top), the lighting in the space is poor, and its located at the back of the unit far from a window.

so...the challenge with this space is to brighten it up. work with what we have (the place is only a year old, so ripping out the counters for new ones seems like such a waste!) to make it what we want.

this image is what really inspired me to look at the kitchen as a challenge that can be solved. the counter tops are almost the same colour as ours and the black splash is quite close as well.  i think lighter cupboards will go a long way to brighten up the space.

(image from apartment therapy)

i am also trying really hard to look beyond all of the beautiful white kitchen pictures i see on pinterest.  they are so darn beautiful!  pinterest has been really amazing to help me visualize the space and come up with other, more realistic, ideas to incorporate into the space - there are a lot of other images that are just as beautiful.  with lighter accessories and counter tops, dark cabinets can look brighter (it may be worth looking at new counter options, although i do feel slightly guilty about this because ours are so new).  i also really like the look of the two tone cabinets - maybe dark on the bottom and light on top?

(images from house beautifulmodern jane, & domaine )

now let's talk storage.  while we do have a decent amount of cupboard space, we sure do have a heck of a lot of stuff!  while purging & condensing has been an ongoing battle, some of these ideas seem smart & practical.  i love the idea of displaying the cookbooks like art in the kitchen - super cute and makes them easy to access. hanging the pots from the ceiling is another idea i have been toying with. i really like the look of this, and it makes grabbing them really easy, but i worry that it will just make the space look cluttered.  i found the post that goes along with the third image really helpful - and actually adopted the same idea.  basically, she talks about how she decided against multiple sets of dishes for one set that is nice enough to be used for fancy occasions, but casual enough for everyday use.

cheap kitchen decorating idea  Simplify + Organize Your Daily Servingware //

while the kitchen doesn't allow for as much change as the other rooms, i think we can still do a lot to brighten the space.  since everything was picked out for us, i feel that right now the space doesn't really feel like "us".  but what fun is getting exactly what you want - it just means we will have to work harder & be more creative to make this kitchen exactly what we want.  challenge accepted!

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  1. I'm in favor of your kitchen's "U" layout. I'd love to have a kitchen where everything is an arm's reach away. It might be quite challenging to find inspirations for it, as there are only a handful of kitchens with the same layout as yours, but I'm sure you'll come through. Anyway, I like the fact that you chose modern inspirations. I hope to see the finished product soon. Thanks for sharing! Wishing you all the best! :)

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express