January 17, 2015

childhood dresser redo

i love this dresser. it is simple in shape, has deep drawers to hold lots of things, and it's from b's childhood so it holds sentimental value to him.  the only problem was the colour.  light wood, untreated.  didn't exactly match our decor visions for the room.

so, while on a mad house cleaning tangent (some friends were coming over to see the place for the first time), i naturally decided that this dresser needs a face lift - asap!  being the wonderful guy that he is, b went out to home depot and picked up a can of paint (sometimes he just lets me go on these tangents, sometimes it's best) and let me go at it.  in just a few coats, it was totally transformed.  it doesn't even look like the same dresser anymore.

unfortunately i didn't take too many before pictures. i was just so eager to paint, it slipped my mind.  here are two not-so-great one's that i did manage to find.


and, after a few coats of paint.  

the blue drawer knobs were a fun way to add a pop of colour to the piece.  since it is quite simple in shape i thought a little character would be fun.  they were a sweet score at anthropologie, just a few dollars each in the sale bin (anthro has the best sale bins, especially for housewares).  the brass in the center of them match the four bottom handles, which are the dresser's original handles.  

i am so happy with the results, doesn't it look so much better!  the white really brightens up the piece, and work's well in a darker corner of our living room.  i couldn't imagine this dresser any other colour.  

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