January 01, 2015

goals: 2015 edition

happy 2015!

i love january 1st: a fresh start, new goals, and so much opportunity.  a clean slate.  the beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect on the past 12 months, and dream about the next 12.

here are a few of the goals we hope to accomplish for 2015:

[1] be more adventurous.  this is a pretty vague goal, but that was it's intent.  we both want to be more adventurous in general, whether it's making travel more of a focus or exploring new neighbourhoods in our own city, the goal is to actually go out, explore and do more.  [2] paint the bedroom. instead of saying we wanted to get everything done, we set a more realistic goal to focus on one room & really put our energy into that.  we have so many ideas, and so much eagerness to get started.  see our bedroom inspiration here.  [3] cook more at home. we have a beautiful kitchen, and we were lucky enough to get a bunch of cookbooks over the holidays (expect to see a few recipes from them soon!), so this year we want to make it a priority of utilizing the books, expand our culinary skills, and make as much as we can at home from scratch. [4] de-clutter & find a home for everything. this is something that we both struggle with.  it is so easy to drop a bag on the table or counter and leave it there.  but, our space is small (only 650 square feet) and clutter just makes it look messy (and i hate messy!).  for 2015 we really want to keep the items that we truly love around, adopting the one in one out philosophy and find a practical home for everything. [5] take more photos.  last year we did the 365 photo-a-day challenge.  man, it was tough, but it taught us a lot!  while we have both decided to pass on doing the challenge in 2015 we want to continue to keep photography an active part of our lives, not only documenting the big events but the small ones too.

we are both really excited for 2015. a lot of thought has gone into our goals - why we want to accomplish them, how we plan to stay focused and how we will accomplish them.  we cannot wait to start!

what are you most looking forward to in this new year?  what are you new years goals?  are you as excited for 2015 as we are?

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