February 02, 2015

bake homemade bread

i've been interested in making my own bread for a while.  it never seemed that hard to make, just something that required time. then, a few weeks ago, i inherited a bread maker from my mother. i was so thrilled.  have you ever used a bread maker? it has to be one of the easiest appliances ever!

for our first batch of bread, we choose italian herb bread. parsley, basil, parmesan cheese - sounded too good not to try. the recipe is from the bread maker's manual.

the recipe was very easy to follow.  you put the liquids in first, then the dry ingredients (including herbs and cheese), and the yeast on top.  place into the machine, set the timer, & wait.

we left the house to run errands while the bread baked. in four hours the bread was done.

putting the ingredients into the pan took minutes, and then you just wait.  so easy! and it was delicious. i cannot wait to try other recipes in the book.

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