February 06, 2015

cozy coasters

when the temperature gets cold all i want to do is stay inside, drink warm tea, and surround myself with cozy items.  yummy candles, soft blankets, fuzzy socks..  and not come out until spring.  unfortunately, this is not  a reality.  so i spend my time thinking of ways to make cozy things that i can look forward to while i am out in the cold.  that is why i like this project so much, it's simple and adds a cozy feel to the place.

the problem is, my knitting skills are very basic (seriously, reallllly basic!).  other than a stripped scarf, i cannot make anything else.  so any sort of project involving knitting needs to be simple.  that is why i was so excited when these turned out so well.  and the best part, they are machine washable!

each square only took about an hour (note, i knit quite slow)...and it was also a great way to use up some of the scrap pieces of yarn i had.

i used a basic stitch & a single colour for each coaster. for my set, decided to stick with blues & greens.  the size of your coaster depends on your own preferences.  for mine, i cast on 20 stitches, then knit 30 rows.  the finished coaster measures about 5 inches by 4.5 inches.  not a perfect square, which is what i wanted, but easy to tweak to make a square.  i left about 2 inches at the end, so that once the last stitch was knit i weaved it back into the finished square.

there you have it. simple, cozy knit coasters.  have any other fun knit diy ideas?  please share!

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