February 20, 2015

key holder

i am constantly looking online at beautiful "landing spots" in homes. places to drop off keys, mail, &  bags.  i wish so much that we could have one of our own, but we just don't have the space.

our makeshift solution was a bowl on the counter for keys.  i don't know why, but the bowl really bothered me. it created clutter on the counter in a spot that should be clutter free.  it made the area look busy and messy.  something had to be done! we needed something that could go right next to the door.  the only problem is that there isn't much space.  so, the solution had to be small.

to say this project was easy is an understatement. it was super easy!

i had some extra hooks from the arrow jewelry holder i had made a few weeks back, and the wood is from an old pallet that is sitting on the balcony still needing to get broken down .  using the handy "apartment saw" (a mitre box with small saw, which has been so handy for various small projects in the condo) the piece of wood was easy to cut to size.

then i measured out how far apart i wanted the hooks, and screwed them into the wood.  my hooks are spaced 3 inches apart, and i only needed spots for 4 keys. finally, a few screws mounted it to the wall.

the whole thing took about 10 minutes. now we have a cute, simple key holder!  do any of you have the same problem of a tiny entrance? what have you done to keep the area more organized? 

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