March 27, 2015

enginneering print

ever since i was a kid i loved to fill my walls with pictures.  pictures of friends, family, pets, sights...everything! when we bought this place, i knew i wanted to carry on this tradition.  i want the art in our house to hold special meanings. something that would make you smile when you look at it.  
an engineering print (also called architectural print, blueprint, or over-sized print) is a large scale version of a printed picture.  they are printed in black & white onto normal white paper.  a perfect example that meaningful beautiful art does not need to cost a fortune.

to print your own engineering print you need: an image to print, a usb stick to bring the image to the store on (some online stores let you upload the image), & a frame to put your picture in or tape to hang it up with.

i printed our picture at [staples], in the 24 x 36 inch size.

i picked a shot from a trip we did out east a few years ago.  the east coast holds a special place in my heart because i spent many weeks of my childhood summers driving out with my family to visit my grandfather & some cousins.  this trip was really special for me because it was b's first time to the east coast.   

a few tips:
- pick an image with very high resolution.  the lower the resolution, the more fuzzy the image will appear when it gets blown up.
- try converting your image into b&w before you print so that you can get a sense of what it will look like.  not all colour pictures turn out as well in b&w.
- play around with sizing. see what your space will allow.
- the beauty of these prints is that they are printed on regular paper, so they don't have to be hung in a frame. try using some colourful washi tape to add a little pop of colour to the print.

there you go, simple affordable and personalized art.

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