March 16, 2015

homemade gin

have you guys ever made your own alcohol?

this christmas my bother gave us this really neat gift - a homemade gin making kit.  and to my surprise, it was really easy to make!

the kit comes with instructions, all the tools you need, and the herbs.  all you need to pick up is 750 ml of vodka.

like i said, it was really easy.  basically, you pour the juniper berries in vodka, shake & store; in 24 hours add the botanicals into the vodka-berry jar, shake & store. 12 hours later, strain the liquid into the cute glass bottles, removing the herbs.  voila, homemade gin!
they even have some recipes to make using your gin.  i made the southside, which was amazing.  i followed their directions & topped up the glass with fizzy water (like perrier) or tonic water. yum!

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