March 20, 2015

tangier [morocco]

i have been doing some serious travel day dreaming lately.  i helped a friend plan a trip to europe a few weeks ago and the idea of packing my bags & heading out for a new adventure just wont go away.   

a few years ago b & i got to spend a few wonderful days in the small port town of tangier in morocco.  ever since, i've been itching to go back and explore the country some more. it was such an amazing experience.  back in the 20s the town had international status, which made it a sought after destination for many europeans and americans. even today, you can still sense the combination of these two cultures.
here are a few photos from my time there:

Photos: the old port and beach / afternoon snack of mint tea and biscuits / view of the city / moroccan mint tea / wall of thread at a cafe / entrance to the grand socco (market) / fountain / inside the grand socco / wall of the kasba / sun setting over the city /  kasba overlooking the mediterranean

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