March 23, 2015

whiskey sour

this is one of my favourite drinks.  it's fresh, sour, sweet, & wonderful.  

to make one drink, you need: whiskey, sour mix (a mix of lemons & limes, sugar and water), sparkling water (i love the lime flavour in this drink), ice, & garnish (lemon/lime wedges or maraschino cherries work well).

first, start by making a batch of sour mix.  i like to half the size when it's just b & i, which requires about 3-4 lemons and a few limes.  

once the sour mix has cooled, add ice to a glass.  add 1 shot of whiskey and 2-3 shots of sour mix, depending on how sour you like your drinks.  top with sparkling water & stir.  garnish with some maraschino cherries, or a lemon or lime slice. 


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