April 12, 2015

bed frame makeover

in anticipation of painting the bedroom dark grey, b & i utilized one of the many really cold winter days we had this year to hibernate in our home & redo the bed.  inspired by the beautiful bed makeover on [sugar & cloth], we transformed our black-brown malm bed frame to white with a faux reclaimed wood headboard.

[supplies] bed frame, white paint/paint brush/paint tray, measuring tape, vinyl planks, scissors or exacto knife, pencil & ruler, finishing nails.

the first step was to sand down the parts of the bed frame we wanted to paint.  since the frame is a wood vaneer, it needed a good sanding to make the paint really stick.  once it was all sanded, the next step was to paint the frame white. since the frame was so dark, it took a few coats to get a solid white.  


once the paint dried enough (no longer felt sticky to touch), we started on the headboard.  to create the faux wood headboard we used these [vinyl planks].  

depending on the size of the planks & the headboard, the pieces will need to be measured & crop to fit accordingly.  don't forget to hold on to smaller pieces for the sides & top of the headboard.  in order to visualize how the planks would look i laid them out on the bed prior to sticking them on. 

once you are happy with the layout, start sticking on the planks.  it was easier to lay the largest plank first, then finished the row with piece(s) that needed to be trimmed. 

while they are sticky on the back, the glue on the planks we used was not strong enough to hold. finishing nails in the corners of the plans help hold down the planks & give the headboard a more rustic, authentic look. 


i cannot believe how different the bed looks. i love it!  and, totally unplanned, the wood colour of the planks matches the dresser perfectly.  now all the room needs is a coat of paint.

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