April 28, 2015

door inspiration

one of the first things we decided to do to our place when we bought was to replace the doors.  it seemed like an easy way to add some personality & character to the rather basic space.

[for the laundry closet]
since the laundry "nook" is tucked in the dining room, a sliding door would be ideal to save on the space required to open a regular door.  my ideal door is an old, rustic looking solid wooden door.  something that has natural charm.

(images from  pinterest & aka design)

[for the bathroom]
for the bathroom i think we can get away with a door that has glass.  frosting the glass & adding adorable curtains like these would be a great way to add privacy.

(images from  home jelly & rafer house)

[for the bedroom] changing this door isn't at the top of our list.  if we don't do it right away, painting it a fun, bold colour (black or a bright emerald green perhaps) would be a fun way to give the boring door a mini makeover.

and maybe, in the future, some cute mostly glass, skinny french doors for the bedroom .

not that this door would fit anywhere in our current place, but how beautiful is this one!

(image from netta // natalias)

and we cannot forget about the hardware!  i really love crystal door knobs...they remind me of my oma's house.

(images from media carrot & etsy)

how do you add charm to your home? have you ever replaced doors?

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