April 08, 2015

felt pouch

last weekend while out antique shopping i found the perfect gift for my sister-in-law. perfect because she was antiquing with us and picked it out herself...sorta.  both b & i had been watching her closely, noting items she liked.  when she commented on this broach, i knew it would be the best gift & promptly snatched it up.

once we got home i was less than impressed with the case it came in, & knew i could do better.

to make the pouch, trim down the felt to the a rectangle, making sure the item you want to keep inside fits had plenty of room.  fold the bottom piece up and stitch the sides together, leaving room at the top to fold over with enough space to place a button on.

trim the top into the shape you'd like.  i opted for an envelope look, and trimmed the sides off.  you could also leave the top rectangular.

stitch the button on first, centering it in the middle of the fabric.  then, in order to make sure the button & button hole were aligned, use pins to mark where the button hole will be (using the button as a guide).  measure the size of the button & cut the hole slightly smaller then the button.  using double thread, stitch around the opening of the button hole.

with the stones of the broach being such a vibrant ruby colour, i opted for a bright royal blue.  the colour really makes the stones pop.

now the gift is wrapped & protected.  i hope she likes it!

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