April 06, 2015

halifax [nova scotia]

a friend asked me for a few suggestions on places to go & things to do in halifax this past weekend. it got me thinking about how much i really love the city (& the east coast in general).

if you've never been, i recommend!  it's a small, beautiful, friendly city full of cute shops, wonderful cafes and delicious restaurants.


don't forget peggy's cove. it's only a short drive away, and it's worth it. 


[novel stay guest house] it was really nice to stay in a place that had a kitchen, so we could at least make breakfast before going in search of coffee.

[annie's place] the owner was super friendly & delicious french toast.

[waterfront] the city has a board walk that stretches along the water, full of bars & pubs, restaurants & shops.

[halifax citadel national historic site] for all those history buffs, this place was quite significant in canadian history. for those not-so-into-history, it has some really amazing view of the city & harbour.

[halifax public gardens] tranquil, relaxing & beautiful, this is a great spot to sit with a book or enjoy a morning coffee.

[alexander keith's] with b being such a beer lover, it was inevitable that we would stop here for a brewery tour.  it was a lot of fun, complete with a trip back in time & samples to try.

[peggy's cove] such an adorable little touristy artisan village with a beautiful lighthouse overlooking the atlantic.

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