May 28, 2015

doughnut craze

i have been looking for a doughnut pan for ages (months!), and last weekend i finally found one.  now i'm addicted.  they are cute, cartoon-looking little circles of deliciousness.  i'm so excited about them, and i wanted to share!


i rounded up some super delicious recipes.  they were all simple to make, looked adorable and tasted delicious.  i cannot wait to really get in the kitchen & try my hand at a few of my own flavours.

brown butter doughnuts (i just dipped these in the vanilla icing)
cinnamon & sugar donuts (these were the hit of the bbq)
double chocolate cake doughnuts
vanilla bean doughnuts

and a few i want to try...

apple cinnamon doughnuts
biscuit donuts
cheddar jalapeno green onion donuts

they even have a cookbook of doughnuts (called baked doughnuts for everyone), which is now on my cookbook wish list!

if you are looking for a simply, yummy, fun dessert to make, i recommend doughnuts.  #yum!

May 25, 2015

florida sunset

one of our favourite things to do while on vacation is to get up early one morning, grab a cup of coffee & watch the sun rise.  it has become a bit of a tradition for us.

there is something so beautiful & magical about the sun rising over a lake or ocean.  the calm & quietness of hardly anyone being around, the stillness of the water, & the anticipation of the sun making it past the horizon.

here are a few pictures of the beautiful sunrise we watched while in marathon, florida down in the keys.


May 20, 2015

cherry blossoms

we can officially tick seeing the cherry blossoms in high park off our list!  this has been on the "list" since we moved to the city 5 years ago.


almost every year we've just missed them.  not this year!  it was such a beautiful sight to see.  i'm so glad we finally got to see them. definitely worth the braving the crowds for.

May 18, 2015

marathon [florida]

while we were in florida my parents took us down to the florida keys for a few days.  just a few hours south of cape coral, it felt like we were in another country.  the keys are such a naturally beautiful place - hundreds of tiny islands scattering throughout the ocean, with one long road connecting the main land to the tip of key west, the largest city.  we stayed in marathon, a small town about half way to key west.


[old seven mile bridge] now converted into a pedestrian footpath for most of the bridge, it offers some really beautiful views of the keys and the ocean.  fun fact - true lies was filmed here.

[porky's bayside bbq] a little rustic looking, the staff here were friendly, great location on the water, and a menu full of american classics along with fresh sea food.

[sunset grill & raw bar] we only stopped here for a post dinner drink, but it looked like a fun place.  complete with a pool, huge outdoor bar & live music, it would definitely be a fun place to spend an evening.

[grassy key outpost] this restaurant was located next to the hotel we stayed at.  the staff were incredibly friendly, the food was good, they had veggie options and their drinks are served in mason jars!

[bahai honda state park] we stayed on the side of the beach with the bridge, which is smaller in size but had much less seaweed.  the waters here were crystal blue and warm - i could have stayed for hours!

May 14, 2015

avocado, five ways

avocado is definitely the 'it food' in our household at the moment. we have it on everything - at breakfast, dinner toppings, in our drinks.  it's healthy and delicious and i just cannot get enough!  going beyond the normal uses for avocado (ie: guacamole, which is delicious, don't get me wrong), here are five fun ways to incorporate more avocados into your life:

[smoothie] simple green smoothie is full of amazing, healthy smoothies.  their spa skin cleanse smoothie, with pineapple, coconut water, spinach and avocado, is really delicious.
(image from simple green smoothies)

[aioli] oh she glows is one of my favorite food blog sites, & this is one of my favorite items on her blog.  get the recipe for her smashed potatoes with avocado garlic aioli here.

[on toast] this has become a breakfast staple in our household.  sprinkle on some feta or add an egg for some extra protein, it's a quick, easy & delicious option for early mornings.  check out three ways to do avocado toast here.
(image from california avocado)

[mousse] i was surprised when i tried this mousse - it was creamy and chocolaty, with no avocado taste at all.  topped with fresh fruit and coconut, it's perfect!  you can get the recipe here.
(image from daily burn)

[cake & icing] joy the baker, you've done it again!  yet another recipe off this delicious site that i want to try.  this sounds strange enough for me to want to try it just to see how it turns out.
(image from joy the baker)

have a fun avocado recipe?  share it in the comments below or send me an email at, we'd love to hear from you!