May 14, 2015

avocado, five ways

avocado is definitely the 'it food' in our household at the moment. we have it on everything - at breakfast, dinner toppings, in our drinks.  it's healthy and delicious and i just cannot get enough!  going beyond the normal uses for avocado (ie: guacamole, which is delicious, don't get me wrong), here are five fun ways to incorporate more avocados into your life:

[smoothie] simple green smoothie is full of amazing, healthy smoothies.  their spa skin cleanse smoothie, with pineapple, coconut water, spinach and avocado, is really delicious.
(image from simple green smoothies)

[aioli] oh she glows is one of my favorite food blog sites, & this is one of my favorite items on her blog.  get the recipe for her smashed potatoes with avocado garlic aioli here.

[on toast] this has become a breakfast staple in our household.  sprinkle on some feta or add an egg for some extra protein, it's a quick, easy & delicious option for early mornings.  check out three ways to do avocado toast here.
(image from california avocado)

[mousse] i was surprised when i tried this mousse - it was creamy and chocolaty, with no avocado taste at all.  topped with fresh fruit and coconut, it's perfect!  you can get the recipe here.
(image from daily burn)

[cake & icing] joy the baker, you've done it again!  yet another recipe off this delicious site that i want to try.  this sounds strange enough for me to want to try it just to see how it turns out.
(image from joy the baker)

have a fun avocado recipe?  share it in the comments below or send me an email at, we'd love to hear from you!

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