May 28, 2015

doughnut craze

i have been looking for a doughnut pan for ages (months!), and last weekend i finally found one.  now i'm addicted.  they are cute, cartoon-looking little circles of deliciousness.  i'm so excited about them, and i wanted to share!


i rounded up some super delicious recipes.  they were all simple to make, looked adorable and tasted delicious.  i cannot wait to really get in the kitchen & try my hand at a few of my own flavours.

brown butter doughnuts (i just dipped these in the vanilla icing)
cinnamon & sugar donuts (these were the hit of the bbq)
double chocolate cake doughnuts
vanilla bean doughnuts

and a few i want to try...

apple cinnamon doughnuts
biscuit donuts
cheddar jalapeno green onion donuts

they even have a cookbook of doughnuts (called baked doughnuts for everyone), which is now on my cookbook wish list!

if you are looking for a simply, yummy, fun dessert to make, i recommend doughnuts.  #yum!

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