May 13, 2015

paint a picture

last friday, to celebrate the end of tax season, my work took our small office out for lunch & a fun activity.

this year we went to the paint lounge, where we sipped delicious coffee while painting a beautiful picture.  at first i was really nervous - i had been a creative kid growing up, but pencils & crayons were my medium, not paint.  i had never actually painted a picture before (excluding the watercolour pictures you create in grade school).


the instructor was great.  we did the painting in stages, working our way around the canvas.  she would point out things in the original painting, which was hanging in the middle of our group, and walk around offering tips.

this is my finished product below.  i'm actually quite proud of how my painting turned out.  there are a few areas that aren't so great, but other spots that i think i did some good work in.  i cannot wait to hang this in our home!

have you ever done a painting class like this before?  it was so much fun, with no pressure to create a perfect replica.  i definitely recommend something like this if you are looking for a fun afternoon activity with friends.

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