June 22, 2015

bedroom makeover

this room is by far the brightest in the condo, so i knew we could get away with painting some of it dark and not have the room look like a cave.  i shared our ideas for this space here.

the walls before painting had only the builder's paint on them - a chalky, matte, off-white colour.  it made the room feel really boring.

we decided to go for a bold, dark grey colour, but only paint the 2 longer walls as to not make the space too dark.  the two skinnier walls (one has the window, and the other has the closet) are painted a crisp white to contrast the dark grey.  they really pick up the natural light from the window.

the love how the grey really highlights the gold accents of the arrow jewelry holder & lamp, and brings out the wood tones in the headboard & vintage dresser.  

i am so happy with how the space turned out, and i'm thrilled that it's finally painted.  so long ugly builder's paint!  

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