June 01, 2015

key west [florida]





the most southern point in the state of florida, key west feels like you're in another country.  conch-style houses, tropical climate, and laid back attitude have you thinking you're relaxing somewhere in the caribbean.

unfortunately we only got to spend the day here, but i feel like gained a good sense of the place.  here are a few things worth checking out:

[gypsy chickens] in 1982, key west briefly claimed independence from the usa, naming themselves the conch republic.  the chicken became the symbol of their independence & have since roamed the streets of key west freely.  you cannot miss them.

[pepe's cafe] the oldest "joint" in key west, this rustic cafe offers a casual, laid back atmosphere, friendly staff, and cheap draft beers.  the place even has a resident cat!

[the green parrot] known for it's live music, this simple, casual spot is a favourite dive bar for the locals.  plus they have free popcorn!

[explore by foot] key west isn't a very large place, making it ideal to explore by foot.  while there are many trolley tours, walking allows you to really explore the sites & sounds of the city.  a few notable sights worth walking by: mile marker 0, the adorable conch-style houses found all over the city, southernmost point marker (only 90 miles to cuba), ernest hemingway's home (which you can pay to go into, or just stroll by), west martello tower, and the old post office & customshouse (beautiful on the outside, it currently houses the key west museum of art & history).

[white street pier] deemed the unfinished road to havana, this pier stretches 1,000 ft into the atlantic, offering beautiful views of the key west shoreline.

[mallory square] key west is known for its sunsets at mallory square. local street performers & food vendors fill the square, providing entertainment before the sunsets over the ocean.  and, once the sun is down, there is a bar right in the square that serves amazing mojitos with a band playing cuban-inspired music.

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