June 15, 2015

living room inspiration

this room needs to act as a lot of things for our tiny home. it needs to be the library, the office, the music room, the spare bedroom, as well as a comfortable casual space where we can hang out & relax after a long day at work.

you can see the before pictures of our living room here.

the one thing i knew i wanted when we moved was a comfortable chaise couch that pulled out into a bed.  the condo is only one bedroom, so having a space that guests can sleep in is very important.

i was lucky enough to inherit a beautiful old trunk from my grandmother. she used this trunk when she moved to ontario from quebec in the forty's.  it a piece that holds a lot of sentimental value to me, something i have been in love for as long as i can remember. when my mother gave it to me, i knew it needed a place front & centre in this home.  somewhere it could be shown off.  

(image by lost in america)

the first thing you notice when you come into our home is that we love books. we have lots & lots of books!  b & i are avid readers, and having a home for all of our books is very important to us.  i really like the idea of customizable wall mounted shelves for the space.  something that can be adjusted and rearranged easily as we continue to live & grow in the space.

brick veneer would look so great along the outer walls.  this is something i've only started researching, but i'm really excited about.  it's another great way to add character to the space.

(image from vintage revivals)

and of course, no space is complete without some great lighting.  i have also been dreaming of hanging lights similar to the photo below.  something simple but dramatic without overpowering the room.

(image from idlights)

both b & myself have a lot of ideas for this space.  the room is one giant square blank canvas.  i cannot wait to put some of these ideas into actions & create a comfortable, beautiful space for us to enjoy!

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