June 04, 2015

strawberry-lime mojito

to celebrate our very first (of many) pints of ontario strawberries, picked up from the farmers market this afternoon, we made some strawberry lime mojitos.  b makes the best mojitos, & adding fresh local fruit only made the drink that much better!

strawberry lime mojito
serves one

[you will need]
1-2 fresh strawberries, chopped in to fine pieces
8-10 mint leaves
1 tsp sugar
1 oz lime juice
1-2 oz rum (dark or light, your preference)
sparkling water
[to make]
put the strawberries,  mint, sugar & lime juice in a glass.  muddle together. add ice, then 1-2 shots of rum & top with sparkling water.  give the drink a good stir, and enjoy!

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