July 06, 2015

cacti garden

an adorable garden store opened up down the street from us a few months ago. i'd been trying to find an excuse to go in, so when i saw a picture in a magazine of an adorable cacti arrangement in a blue dish, i knew it would be perfect.  we already had the dish & stones, so all we needed were the plants.

[what you need]

(images from ikea, anthropologie & amazon)

[to assemble]
if your dish is deep enough, add a layer of stones to the bottom (this helps with drainage).
add soil.
plant three or four plants.  they can be cacti, succulents, or a mixture of both.  i went with tall & round to create some variety in the arrangement.
cover the top of the soil with a thin layer of rocks.

it's the perfect pop of colour in our living room.  i love how it turned out!

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