July 30, 2015

five [amazing] homemade cleaning products

as i get older, i find i am drawn to more natural, "green" habits.  cleaning is one area that i have really noticed this shift in attitude.  i like the idea of a more natural, less chemical & harmful, cleaning solution.

i've rounded up a list of some of my favourite cleaning recipes.  many of the ingrenients are the same: baking soda, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, & essential oils.   ingredients found in your very own kitchen!

[citrus cleaner] i found this recipe on apartment theraphy a few years ago, and it is officially my favourite recipe to make stainless steel appliances and sink fauces sparkle.

(image from apartment theraphy)

[vinegar & water] this classic really goes a long way. i use it for just about everything.  to make a bottle, combine 1 cup of water with 1 cup of vinegar into a spray bottle.

[baking soda carpet cleaner]  baking soda is the best carpet cleaner & deodorizer that i have found. this does wonders on tough stains, removes any odours, and is so simple to use.  to use baking soda on your carpet, sprinkle the stained spot with the soda.  let it sit on the carpet (undisturbed) for 30 minutes.  vacuum.  voila, clean carpets.

(image from amazon.ca)

[rubbing alcohol] this stuff is great for cleaning electronics.  to clean my phone, i remove my phone case, put a bit of alcohol on a cotton ball (just making it slightly damp, you don't want to soak it) & gently wipe down the phone.  i also use rubbing alcohol to clean our laptop, on the keyboard and on the screen. 

[all-natural floor cleaner] i wont lie, i'm addicted to this website.  there are so many good recipes on it.  this floor cleaner is one of them!  i've tried my fair share of floor cleaners in the past, & many left streaks. but not this one.  it leaves my floors looking beautiful, & the essential oils give it a nice scent.

(image from hello natural)

have a great homemade cleaning recipe? i'd love to hear about it!  happy cleaning.

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