July 27, 2015

hiking the scarborough bluffs

one thing i really wanted to accomplish this summer was to spend some serious time exploring the city i live in (toronto).  we've lived here for over 5 years & i'm ashamed to say i have seen very little of the city.  i often forget just how much this city has to offer.

one amazing gem, located on the east end of the city, are the scarborough bluffs.  a few weeks ago we went out to do some hiking, walking, exploring, picnicing & relaxing.  it was a beautiful, sunny day.  we could not have asked for better weather.

finding information on the parks was a bit of a challenge.  so we thought we'd share a few things to help you plan a trip to the bluffs:

- the park is accessible by ttc (woot!). you can take the subway to kennedy, and take the #12 bus down (exit the bus at kingston road (at brimley) & continue walking down the road).  you can also exit at either warden or victoria park subway & take the #12 bus as well (this option is a little bit longer).

-  there are a few different parks, all relatively close to each other.  scarborough bluffs park offers some incredible views of the top of the bluffs. bluffers park has the marina, yacht club, and a beautiful walkway that has some great views of the bluffs along the water.  cathedral bluffs has the beach (at the bottom) and some hiking trails above.

- if you want to do a lot of exploring along the top of the bluffs, good shoes are a must.  the bluffs is a fairly large area, so expect to do a lot of walking.

- this is a great park to have a picnic at.  all along the water are bbq pits and lots of grass to toss a blanket.

we had such a great day!
if you've been to the bluffs and have recommendations on things in the area worth checking out, let us know.

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