July 13, 2015

st. jacobs

i fell so in love with this cute little town when we went a few weekends ago.  beautiful homes, friendly people, adorable shops, and little stands selling fruit, veggies & flowers.  b had to drag me away!

one of the best things about st. jacobs - it's the perfect day trip from the city.  

here are a some things we did:

[st. jacobs market] this market is huge!  not only does it have fruits, veggies, meats and cheeses, but also flowers & plants, baked goods, clothing, jewelry, antiques, furniture, and a flea market.  you can find just about anything here.

[antique market]  there are loads of antique markets in st. jacobs.  the downtown strip has a few, but my favourite was the st. jacob's antique market.  voted number one by the waterloo region, it is located just next to the market. 

[explore the town] downtown st. jacobs is so cute.  cafes, restaurants, specialty food stores, and shops line the downtown strip.  

[beer sampling at block 3 brewing company]  wherever we go, b does some research into the beer scene. i was surprised when he said st. jacob's had it's own brewery.  so of course we stopped in.  this place had an awesome atmosphere (records playing good music & board games to play), friendly staff, and a variety of great craft beers.

[exploring the country farms] this is the best place to get produce.  little fruits & veggie stands are everywhere.  this is the produce actually grown on the farms in the area.  some larger farms also have little shops. 

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