August 24, 2015

happy national waffle day!

(image from the minimalist baker)

happy national waffle day!

on this day 146 years ago the first US patent for the waffle maker was issued.  and we've been enjoying waffles as we know them ever since.

originally i was going to share a delicious dinner waffle recipe i had been working on, but, while tasting super delicious it decided to stick to the iron too much.  guess i will need to fiddle around to make it juuust right (and eat more waffles, darn!).

so, to honour this special occasion i thought i would share some super delicious recipes...

[joy the baker]
mashed potato, cheddar & chive waffles were my very first waffle with our iron.  they are simple, quick, and super delicious!

(image from joy the baker)

[dairy free betty]
savoury vegan waffles topped with avocado, tomatoes, and lettuce = the perfect waffle sandwich.

[dolly and oatmeal] 

(image from dolly and oatmeal)

[minimalist baker]
7-ingredient vegan gluten free waffles sound easy to make & delicious to eat.  

[naturally ella]
waffles with vanilla bean cherries are perfect for a relaxing sunday brunch.

(image from naturally ella)

thanks for letting me share.  i'd love to hear what your favourite, go-to waffle recipes are.  share in the comments or send me an email!


live sporting event

this summer the city of toronto hosted the pan am & parapan am games.  my office is right downtown, so it was really interesting to see all the tourists & activities (we could hear them sound-checking the stage each day!).

to show our canadian pride, b & i attended some of the women's football matches.  we attended a double feature, watching costa rica vs ecuador then canada vs brazil.  even though canada lost to brazil, it was an incredible game.  these girls are really darn good!!
i'm really happy we participated.  the pan am games brought a really great vibe to the city, full of energy & excitement.  plus it was really fun to see all of the tourists & not actually be one.

did you guys attend any of the panamania events or activities?  what did you think?


August 20, 2015

five [adorable] ways to display maps in your home

(image from etsy

"the world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page" -- st. augustine.

this quote has really resonated with me lately.  i've always been one who likes to explore, but lately i have had a bad case of wanderlust.  as we plan a short vacation to the west coast, i cannot help but dream of what's next.  i want to go everywhere, and see everything!

since travel (to this extent) is not possible right now, i thought i'd share some beautiful ways to bring this travel bug home.  world maps are classic, simple and beautiful.  the perfect touch for a wandering heart.

i've rounded up some amazing ways to display maps in your home.

nothing looks more classic than a beautiful map in a frame.


i love how the maps have revamped a simple piece of furniture.

  (images from roddy & ginger and the happier homemaker)

globes look great on their own, or clustered together, and the come in just about every size and colour you could imagine.


talk about a statement piece!  blowing the map up to wall size makes for a stunning focal point in any room.

(images from lost in america and the kitchn)

if you are not able to display maps in large scale, try downsizing to useful everyday items. 

(images from urban outfitters & pinterest)

thanks for letting me share.  happy travels!

August 17, 2015

niagara falls & a carousel ride

i always forget how beautiful niagara falls is, and that they really are not that far from the city.  a perfect distance for a day trip.  

when a friend from university was home (her family lives in the falls) i jumped at the chance to go down for a visit.  we spent the day eating yummy antica pizzeria pizza, sampling local craft beer from the niagara brewing company, acting like tourists by taking too many photos along the falls, and catching up.

after our amazing afternoon in the falls, b & i stopped in a port dahlousie to ride the 100 year old lakeside park carousel (it still only costs 5 cents!), stumbled upon a cute little antique fair along the highway, & stocked up on fresh ontario peaches.

it was such a fun day! how was your weekend?


August 13, 2015

milk glass lamp [my very first craigslist purchase!]

i'm sort of embarrassed to tell you that this is my very first craigslist purchase.  i am an avid garage sale/flea market/antique hunter, but never a craigslist shopper..until now.

i have been obsessed with milk glass lately, and unfortunately it is near impossible to find in the city.  so when this beauty popped up while i was searching online (a really great recommendation from a friend!), i knew it needed to be mine.  it is too adorable to pass up!  i was so happy when the owner e-mailed back saying it was available, and immediately started day dreaming where it could go (it would look perfect in the bedroom against the dark grey walls).  i'm so excited to find it a home!

what kind of treasures have you found on craigslist?  if you have any tips/tricks for shopping on craigslist, please share. i cannot wait to hear.  happy thursday!


August 10, 2015

sweet cherry lemonade, classic & spiked

i love taking a classic drink like lemonade and adapting it for the summer.  and nothing says summer more than sweet, delicious cherries!  this lemonade is great on it's own, or spiked with a little bit of whiskey.  a perfect cold drink (with lots of ice) on a hot day.

sweet cherry lemonade
serves 4

1 cup fresh lemon juice, about 6 lemons (i used a mix of lemons & limes)
1 cup sweet cherries, pitted
1/2 cup sugar
3 1/2 to 4 cups water

[to make]
in a blender, combine lemon juice, sweet cherries and sugar.  strain juice mixture into a glass jug, using a fine mesh sieve or strainer (note: i used a nut bag and it did a really great job).  add water & stir. serve cold.

spiked cherry lemonade
serves one

1/2 cup sweet cherry lemonade
1 oz whiskey
sparkling water
lemon wedge, to garnish

[to make]
fill a glass with ice.  add lemonade, whiskey & sparkling water, stirring to combine.  garnish with lemon edge.



August 06, 2015

our balcony

we spent some serious time cleaning up the balcony last weekend.  it was disorganized & needed a little t-l-c.  plus we finally had the chance to pick up the bench we had ordered, which inspired a morning of assembling, sweeping, re-potting & then excessive coffee drinking & relaxing.

balcony fun facts:

- the flamingo law ornament in the plant was a souvenir from our trip to florida earlier this year; i found it at a flea market.  it got a little mangled in our luggage, so only one side of his wing spins when it's windy.

- our mint plant is of the mojito mint variety, & is delicious in mojitos!  it has been the main reason why just about every cocktail i make has mint in it.

- the rug is from an adorable little shop we found on our day trip to st. jacobs.  i love the little pops of colour it adds to the cement floor.

- herbs are really hard to grow in little pots! they dry out so fast from the summer heat.  they have also taught me that i can bring a nearly-dead plant back to life.

- the furry babies love to roll around on the cement. both of them. they will sit at the balcony door & stare out at it until we let them outside, then they aggressively roll around for the next 10 minutes.  they are strange.

this space has become a place that we both look forward to relaxing in after a long day of work.  it's the perfect spot to sit & eat dinner or relax on a friday after a long week with a glass of wine.

thanks for letting me share our little balcony oasis!


August 04, 2015

toronto fringe festival

this has been on my bucket list for a long time.  it's a wonderful festival that celebrates talent & creativity, & this year it was my goal to attend a production.  

we decided to pair the show with an after-work dinner date.  we dressed up, had a delicious dinner at future bistro (they serve breakfast all day!), & saw a great show called one good marriage.

produced by staircase theatre, one good marriage "takes the audience on a darkly funny journey navigating life post-tragedy" (fringe festival). 

the show was affordable & only 60 minutes in length, a perfect post-work date activity. 

thanks for letting me share our dinner date story!