August 20, 2015

five [adorable] ways to display maps in your home

(image from etsy

"the world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page" -- st. augustine.

this quote has really resonated with me lately.  i've always been one who likes to explore, but lately i have had a bad case of wanderlust.  as we plan a short vacation to the west coast, i cannot help but dream of what's next.  i want to go everywhere, and see everything!

since travel (to this extent) is not possible right now, i thought i'd share some beautiful ways to bring this travel bug home.  world maps are classic, simple and beautiful.  the perfect touch for a wandering heart.

i've rounded up some amazing ways to display maps in your home.

nothing looks more classic than a beautiful map in a frame.


i love how the maps have revamped a simple piece of furniture.

  (images from roddy & ginger and the happier homemaker)

globes look great on their own, or clustered together, and the come in just about every size and colour you could imagine.


talk about a statement piece!  blowing the map up to wall size makes for a stunning focal point in any room.

(images from lost in america and the kitchn)

if you are not able to display maps in large scale, try downsizing to useful everyday items. 

(images from urban outfitters & pinterest)

thanks for letting me share.  happy travels!

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