August 13, 2015

milk glass lamp [my very first craigslist purchase!]

i'm sort of embarrassed to tell you that this is my very first craigslist purchase.  i am an avid garage sale/flea market/antique hunter, but never a craigslist shopper..until now.

i have been obsessed with milk glass lately, and unfortunately it is near impossible to find in the city.  so when this beauty popped up while i was searching online (a really great recommendation from a friend!), i knew it needed to be mine.  it is too adorable to pass up!  i was so happy when the owner e-mailed back saying it was available, and immediately started day dreaming where it could go (it would look perfect in the bedroom against the dark grey walls).  i'm so excited to find it a home!

what kind of treasures have you found on craigslist?  if you have any tips/tricks for shopping on craigslist, please share. i cannot wait to hear.  happy thursday!


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