August 06, 2015

our balcony

we spent some serious time cleaning up the balcony last weekend.  it was disorganized & needed a little t-l-c.  plus we finally had the chance to pick up the bench we had ordered, which inspired a morning of assembling, sweeping, re-potting & then excessive coffee drinking & relaxing.

balcony fun facts:

- the flamingo law ornament in the plant was a souvenir from our trip to florida earlier this year; i found it at a flea market.  it got a little mangled in our luggage, so only one side of his wing spins when it's windy.

- our mint plant is of the mojito mint variety, & is delicious in mojitos!  it has been the main reason why just about every cocktail i make has mint in it.

- the rug is from an adorable little shop we found on our day trip to st. jacobs.  i love the little pops of colour it adds to the cement floor.

- herbs are really hard to grow in little pots! they dry out so fast from the summer heat.  they have also taught me that i can bring a nearly-dead plant back to life.

- the furry babies love to roll around on the cement. both of them. they will sit at the balcony door & stare out at it until we let them outside, then they aggressively roll around for the next 10 minutes.  they are strange.

this space has become a place that we both look forward to relaxing in after a long day of work.  it's the perfect spot to sit & eat dinner or relax on a friday after a long week with a glass of wine.

thanks for letting me share our little balcony oasis!


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