September 10, 2015

bon echo provincial park & a delicious campfire recipe

mazinaw rock
view from the top [bon echo]
tall trees [bon echo]
roadtrip snacks [bon echo]
tenting [bon echo]
campfire cooking [bon echo]
mazinaw rock, above & below [bon echo]
mazinaw rock [bon echo]

a couple weekends ago b & i left the city for a weekend of tall trees and fresh air.  things have been really busy around here lately, so this little getaway was the perfect way to unwind & relax .

camping is something we like to do every summer.  a little tradition of ours if you will.

this year we decided on a park located a few hours east of toronto, up near ottawa, called bon echo provincial park.  it was perfect - we did a bit of hiking & exploring, paddled across the lake to the pictographs, actually saw the stars, and ate too much yummy campfire cooked food (it always tastes better cooked over a fire!).

also love to camp? i'd love to hear your campground suggestions!

pictographs [bon echo]
mazinaw lake [bon echo]
view of mazinaw lake [bon echo]

this is one of my favourite camping recipes.  a few minutes of prep and then you (grab a drink, relax, and) wait...
it pairs well with a simple salad and a [veggie] burger.  hope you like it!

fire roasted foil potatoes
makes 2 large foils

[you will need]
3-4 potatoes
1 onion
2-3 garlic cloves
other root vegetables of your choice (we added carrots & radish)
4 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons of spice (we used a blend of basil, parsley & oregano)
salt & pepper, to taste
tin foil

veggies for roasting [bon echo]
fire roasted foil potatoes [bon echo]

[to make]
chop up your vegetables and toss in olive oil.  the smaller the pieces, the quicker the veggies will cook.  sprinkle spices over vegetables & toss to combine.  add salt & pepper to your liking.

scoop out vegetable mixture into a rectangular piece of tin foil.  wrap foil together in the middle & at the sides, making sure the edges are tightly wrapped.  place potato foil package in the coals of your campfire.  let cook for 45 minutes to an hour, rotating the package to ensure all areas are cooked.  once the vegetables appear soft, remove from campfire.  scoop contents out onto a plate, and enjoy!

note: this recipe makes a large amount of potatoes.  we will often save any leftover & include it in a breakfast stir fry the next day.



sunny skies [bon echo]

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