September 14, 2015

gold polka dot pot [west elm inspired]

gold polka dot pot [our little home]
gold polka dot pot [our little home]

this project was inspired by a really cute pot i saw at west elm a few months ago.  i really like the simplicity of the pot - classic white with just a hint of gold to jazz it up.  it's the perfect way to brighten up my dark little desk at work.

[the inspiration] west elm micro cache pot

west elm pots
(image from west elm)

[what you need]
white porcelain dish or bowl (i found this one at dollarama)
gold sharpie

gold polka dot pot [our little home]
gold polka dot pot [our little home]

[to make]
preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

using the gold sharpie, add dots all over to the dish.  they can be as small or large as you like.

when you are happy with the polka dots, leave the dish for a few minutes so the sharpie ink can dry.

once your oven has preheated, bake the bowl for 30 minutes (this makes the polka dots permanent), then let it cool completely.

once cool, the dish is all set to use.

i used my dish just like the west elm photo, for a plant. but it could be used for anything: to hold change, jewelry, small desk stationary...the possibilities are endless.

gold polka dot pot [our little home]

i found this funny little plant at the farmer's market by my work, which fits in perfectly.

now you have an adorable gold polka dot dish at a fraction of the price.  huzzah!


gold polka dot pot [our little home]

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