October 26, 2015

an amazing birthday surprise [cedar row farm sanctuary]


my birthday this year was amazing. it was perfect - full of friends and family and brunch and animals...

that may sound a little strange, so let me explain.  

last saturday b had a birthday surprise for me. he told me very (very!) little . we promptly left our little home at 9am and headed out of the city.  

two hours later we had arrived...at the cedar row farm sanctuary.  

a little back story...i'm a huge animal lover. when we drive around in the country, i always ask b to stop so that i can go see the cows (here is proof). i also really want to move out to the country and have a little farm of our own - somewhere to keep way too many pets and grow our own veggies.

this farm only offers work visits (you volunteer a few hours helping out around the farm), and they all end in a group potluck. so we grabbed our wellies and spent the rest of the morning helping out.

after the potluck i got another birthday surprise.  my gift from b was sponsoring an animal - chickpea, the black and white cow.  rescued from a vet because she was born very premature, she is such a beautiful, kind, gentle creature. 

thanks for letting me share my birthday adventures!  it was such an amazing experience. one that i will cherish forever.


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