October 12, 2015

[homemade] almond milk

happy [canadian] thanksgiving!

thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays. a long weekend full of beautiful fall weather, changing leaves, delicious food & family.

after all of the eating, i love to utilize a long weekend to get a little "caught up" on life - grocery shopping, cleaning, & meal prepping.

making my own almond milk is one of the easiest & helpful "prep" things we do in our household.  have you ever made your own nut milk before? if your answer is no, i'm here to tell you that it is one of the easiest things to do.  seriously!  it takes just a few minutes of your time (in total), & tastes delicious.  the best part, it works just as well in recipes as store bought almond milk.

almond milk
makes about 4 cups of milk

[you will need]
1 cup of almond milk
1 bowl or jar
water, enough to cover the almonds
nut bag or fine strainer
3-4 cups of water, depending on how creamy you like your milk

flavouring options: cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa, dates or other sweetener

[to make]
measure out 1 cup of almonds into a bowl or mason jar.  fill bowl or jar with water, making sure the almonds are completely submerged.  set aside.

the next day, strain almonds & rinse.  they should look larger & plump.  dump soaked almonds in a blender.  add water, & any flavouring you'd like (see note below).  blend for one minute, pulsing to get all the chunks.

using a nut bag or fine strainer, pour the almond milk through the strainer into a large bowl.  gently squeeze the bag (or press the pulp) to get all of the remaining milk.

pour milk into a jug that seals, & place in the fridge.

don't toss the almond pulp. it can be used in a bunch of great recipes, such as crackers, brownies, macaroons, or dehydrated into granola (this recipe looks awesome!).

the milk should last for 3-5 days.  just be sure to give it a good shake before using.


depending on what you think you will use the milk for, you can add as much or as little flavour milk to your liking.  for a milk that will be used to drink or in a breakfast dish, i like to add 1/4 tsp cinnamon & a vanilla bean before blending.  i use this almond milk for overnight oats a lot.

for a great chocolately version, add 2 tbsp cocoa powder before blending.

if you prefer your milk sweeter, add in some honey, sugar or maple syrup.


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