October 22, 2015

the life-changing magic of tidying up

our house has felt really full lately.  i don't really know how else to describe it.  it's not that there is physically more stuff, it's more so that the stuff that's there feels a lot larger.  does that make sense?

it has put me in the mood to purge lately. i have always been one to toss items with the changing seasons, but this time i wanted to do something more...something bigger.

i found out about marie kondo's the life-changing magic of tidying up through the grape vine, read a few reviews, and got very interested in the fresh perspective this book offers.

her concept is simple.  do your items "spark joy"?  if not, then it goes.  her main argument is that one should only surround themselves with things that bring them joy.  and when you think about it, she has a point.  why keep things that make you unhappy?

here are a few things i liked/found helpful:

- the book offers a very interesting perspective on why we keep things.  the emotional connections we make to our things, and what purpose they serve.

- she proposes the idea of sorting by category, not room.  compile your items, and sort thoroughly and quickly, all in one go.

- another part i found very helpful was to gather all like items together (clothes from the closet, coats, out-of-season items, etc). this will allow you to fully evaluate what you have.  i will admit, i was shocked when i saw the quantity of things like clothing and books i had stuffed into my closet.

- organization does not need to be complex.  she actually discourages purchasing fancy organizing systems, opting for simple at-home options such as old shoe boxes, jars, and baskets.

so, armed with a ton of inspiration and helpful purging tips, b and i decided to put her theory to the test.  we spent two days, going through everything, keeping what we love, and getting rid of the rest.  it proved to be very successful - we were able to get rid of over 30 garbage bags.  thirty, can you believe it!  i'm really proud of what we accomplished!

as you can see above, the kitten had a blast as well.  she was sure to explore every empty drawer, basket and cupboard.  

overall, i enjoyed the book. it was easy to read and she offered anecdotal stories of experiences she has had with past clients.  while some of her ideas are a little too extreme for me, the book offered some really helpful tips.  it will definitely inspire you to give your place a good purge.  

read it? let me know what you thought!


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