November 05, 2015

5 [amazing] vegetarian cookbooks

today i'm going to share some of our favourite vegetarian cookbooks.  since we do a lot of cooking at home, b and i both love discovering new books and new recipes.  you could say we are a bit cookbook obsessed!

b and i enjoy a wide variety of food - from indian to italian, the basics are the same: (relatively) simple to prepare, nutritious, and delicious.

in no particular order, here are the 5 vegetarian/vegan cookbooks that we both love at the moment:

our little home // 5 [amazing] vegetarian cookbooks
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oh she glows
by angela liddon

this cookbook is amazing!  seriously, one of the go-to books for our household.  in her cookbook angela liddon offers creative, easy to make meals that taste (really) good.  this book offers creative, easy to make and well balanced meals.  i love how she incorporates proteins and nutrients into every dish (i can single-handedly thank her for my newfound love of pepita seeds and avocado!). another amazing part - the author is from southwestern ontario as well, so you know the ingredients can be found in your area.

favourite recipes - quick and easy chana masala, garlic pan seared tofu, present glo bars (her signature recipe)

our little home // 5 [amazing] vegetarian cookbooks
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the vegetable cookbook: from earth to table

this is another really great vegetarian cookbook that offers hearty, healthy vegetarian dishes.  the handy thing about this book is that it is sorted by vegetable category, which makes finding a dish quite easy (especially if you get a little too carried away at the farmers market one day!).

favourite recipes - carrot upside-down tart, spaghetti with fresh pea pesto and fava beans, and potato fritters with onion and tomato relish

our little home // 5 [amazing] vegetarian cookbooks
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market vegetarian: easy organic recipes for every occasion
by ross dobson

man, does this guy know how to take beautiful food photos or what!  the best part, the recipes are as delicious as they look.  this book is definitely worth checking out if you like to make fancier, more complex meals.  you will not be disappointed!

favourite recipes - zucchini and mint fritters with spicy tomato jam, carrot and walnut cake with cream cheese frosting (i love this recipe so much i actually shared it here), herbed zucchini and ricotta tart

our little home // 5 [amazing] vegetarian cookbooks
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fresh from the vegetarian slow cooker
by robin robertson

i don’t know how i survived so many winters without this! it is full of simple, delicious soups and stews, while also offering a variety of other fun meals – from oatmeal (ideal to cook overnight) to delicious cranberry walnut bread. it makes coming home from a long day at work so much easier!

favourite recipes - french onion soup with cheesy bruschetta, almost irish stew, and lentil soup with ribbons of kale

our little home // 5 [amazing] vegetarian cookbooks
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nom yourself: simple vegan cooking
by mary mattern

this is the newest edition to our cookbook collection.  b had been following her blog and really liked the sound of some of her recipes.  while we have not cooked our way through this one yet, every recipe we have tried has been really good!

favourite recipes - blueberry oatmeal squares, creamy basil tomato spaghetti with kale, cilantro chili lime butter corn

have a cookbook that you love? please share! b and i are both always on the look out for new, delicious cookbooks.

thanks for letting me share!


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