November 02, 2015

custom [adjustable] shelves

one of the most challenging things about our condo is storage.  we have none, just a closet in the entry way & one in the bedroom.  so, we had to get a bit creative.

the hardest part when we were planning out the living room was to decided where to put all of our books.  b & i both love to read.  we have accumulated quite the collection over the past 9 years together.  so-many-books!  we both love books, and both want a library (someday).  so while we can purge a few every now and then, we always have way too many.

when we first moved in we brought two tall bookcases with us.  but, they looked so horrible in the space!  they were big and bulky and dark.  they had to go.  and we had to get creative.  

inspired by this diy, we decided that creating a custom set of shelves would be the best solution to our storage problem.  we painted the brackets the same colour as the wall to disguise them, spray painted the brackets brass to give them a bit of colour, and cut the planks of pine into various sizes for a little variety.  the best part is that they are 100% customizable.  

[homemade] custom shelves

[you will need]

single track upright shelving standards
8 inch single track shelving brackets
knotty pine planks, 1 inch x 8 inch x 12 feet 
power drill & bits for attaching screws to the wall
tape measure

[to make]

the first step is to determine how large you would like your shelves to be.  we planned ours to take up the entire length of the living room wall with a gap in the middle for a large painting.  since the painting is a focal point in the room, we measured away from it, leaving space on either side.  

next, using the pencil, at the top of the wall mark where you would like the uprights/shelving standards to go.  continue to mark all the way along the wall.  

be sure to follow the guidelines on the uprights to determine what is the best distance between uprights. since we knew that we would be putting heavy items like books on these shelves, we slightly reduced the gap between our uprights to 15 inches apart.  

once you have laid out where the uprights/shelving standards should go, start to secure the uprights to the wall.  using the level to ensure that the upright is straight all the way down, drill screws into the wall, and continue all the way down.

be sure to factor in the weight that will be on the shelves and the material of the wall when purchasing screws.  our shelves were mounted to an exterior cement wall, so we used 75lb cement wall screws.

working your way across the wall, continue to secure each upright to the wall.

now that the uprights/shelving standards are mounted, hook in the brackets where you would like your shelves to go.  place the wooden planks, cut to your sizing preference, on top of the brackets.  

now that your shelves are mounted, they are ready to be filled!

these shelves have been such a space saver for our little place.  we have loaded them up with all of our cookbooks, novels and various other books as well as plants and photos.  utilizing the walls has really helped us avoid filling the floors and making the place look cramped.  

happy building!

[d & b]

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