November 19, 2015

[dining room] storage inspiration

(image from design sponge)

ever since the cooler weather arrived, i have shifted into house mode.  my brain is swirling with ideas.

the next project i want to work on is fixing the storage problem in the dining room.  right now there have a large bookcase holding all sorts of things - preserves, casserole dishes, cookbooks, photos.  it has become a bit of a catch-all space.

while it is (very) functional, it takes up a lot of space.  and space is at a premium in our little place.  the room was not originally intended to be a dining room, it was marked a den on the original plans, and the table we have (passed down from my opa) takes up most of the room in the area.

so the storage solution for the dining room has to be functional but not too large.

there is something about this bookcase that i love so much.  it may be the pop of colour on the inside, it may be the height (tall enough to have adequate storage, but short enough that something can be displayed on top), or it may be the simplicity of it, it's simple size and character does not distract from the other, more prominent features of the space.

(image from sweet tidings)

[diy cart]
how fun are these!  something about a diy project really interests me.  the best part, they can store quite a bit, and when you need the extra room they can simply be wheeled to anther spot.

(images from 4 men 1 ladya beautiful mess)

this bookcase is stunning!  i love the various shapes and sizes of the shelves. making individual sections for some larger items would really give a simple bookcase character.

(image from pinterest)

i love the glass doors added to these basic bookcases.  they instantly add character and protect the items inside.  with the kitten thinking all furniture are toys, doors may be a good idea.

(image from ikea hackers)

have any great ideas storage ideas for a small dining room? i'd love to hear!

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