December 10, 2015

felt garland diy

felt garland diy

[what you need]

twine, or other sturdy string
glue (i used fabric glue, but a glue gun would also work really well)

[to make]

first you need to design the shape for the garland.  i wanted a simple  looking garland, so i went with classic triangles.

for the triangles, i measured out how large i wanted it to be and drew it out on a piece of paper.  then i folded the paper to create a diamond shape.  this is the template to use on the felt.

once you have selected your colours, begin by cutting out the diamond shapes from each piece.  felt isn't the easiest to cut a straight line with, so don't worry if they are not perfect - you can always trim them later.

for mine, i went with christmas colours - red, green, and white - and did 2 shades of each.  i cut out 3 diamonds from each colour, making a total of 18 pieces to use for my garland.  the nice thing about this project is you can add or reduce the felt shapes depending on the size of the space you intend to hang it in.

once you have all of the felt diamonds cut, you can start to glue them to the string.  leave a decent amount of string empty from the end (you can always trim it if it is too long), and lay down your first piece of felt.

place the string in the middle of the diamond, where the two triangles meet, glue along the edges and along the string, fold the felt over and secure.  the fabric glue was a little difficult to use - in order to get the pieces to stay firmly down, i used sewing pins to secure the two sides together.

continue doing this all the way along the string, leaving 2-3 inches between each piece of felt.

once the glue has dried, loop the ends of the string for easy hanging.

since you can make this felt garland in just about any shape, for any celebration, it's an incredibly versatile project.  you could make small trees for christmas, leaves for fall, bright multi-coloured circles for a birthday, add letters for a message - the possibilities are endless.  hope you have as much fun picking out the shapes and colours as i did.  happy decorating!


December 06, 2015

vintage finds - pie basket

happy sunday everyone!

i am so excited to share to share this amazing pie basket i received a few weeks ago.  as soon as i saw it, i was in love.

it is a perfect, multi-functional piece.  with a removable stand and a latch to keep the lid secure, it can store items like blankets in the living room, carry desserts to friends houses, or work perfectly as a picnic basket.

thanks for letting me share!  have you scored any awesome thrift finds lately?  i'd love to hear about them.


plant stand diy

after two years of living here, i think we are finally getting the hang of how to keep plants alive in this space.  it has definitely been a challenge!  i am so proud to report that a few of our plants are getting quite big. too big for the medium sized, can-still-sit-on-a-shelf, pots in fact.  

since i've never had plants grow this large before, i was a little worried how a bunch of pots flat on the ground would look (too cluttered?). then i saw this awesome diy over at a beautiful mess, and it dawned on me - a plant stand!  i love a good project, so i was excited to give this one a try.  

plant stand diy

[what you need]

wooden circle (the only size i could find was 8 inches at michaels)
3 wooden tapered legs
3 mounting plates for legs, one for each
9 screws
wood stain
wood sealer
paint brush
power drill

[to make]

stain the wooden legs and circle in a stain of your choice.  if you would like the stand to be darker, do a second coat of stain.  let fully dry between coats.

once the stain has dried, seal the wood with a wood sealer.  let this fully dry.

once the wooden pieces are stained and protected, you can start assembling.  using the power drill, fasten the mounting plates for the legs evenly around the bottom of the wooden circle.

screw the legs into the mounting plates.

and...that's it!

the perfect way to add style and character to a bunch of otherwise simple pots in an otherwise simple space.  horray!