January 14, 2016

antique shopping [a few tips]

antique shopping is something b & i both really enjoy doing.  something about the thrill of the hunt, the unique things you can find, & the history of the items.  our little home is full of them - items handed handed down from family or purchased during an afternoon exploring.  they give our home so much warmth and character.

i could spend all my days hunting for cute pyrex dishes or vintage mason jars.  they are my weakness!  one of the great things about antique shopping is you never know what you'll find.  i am convinced some of the coolest things were made decades ago, just waiting for someone like me (or you!) to find.  

i've compiled a few tips to make your antique-hunting experiences more enjoyable:

[have a plan]
keep a wish list of sorts, a list of items you are looking for.  antique markets are usually packed full of things and can get overwhelming.  having a list will keep you organized, on track and remind you what you are looking for.  

is the item really worth the price ?  this is a bit of a personal decision - what you value may not be as valuable to someone else, and vice versa.  i am a sucker for pyrex (love pyrex!) but i have a limit as to what i will pay.  i really believe that if you are patient, you'll find what you want in a price range you are comfortable with.

[shop around] 
the thing with antiques is that they have a different value for just about every vendor. a cute jar at one vendor may be twice the price of another vendor. luckily, a lot of antique markets are stalls, which makes it a lot easier to shop around to find the best deal.  you can always place an item on hold and decide whether you love it as you continue to shop.

[have a use for the item]
why do you want this item? do you have a use for it?  is there a spot for it to go in your home?  i absolutely love mason jars, but if left to my own devices i could buy 15 at a time.  unfortunately, given the size of our space (remember, we live in a small condo) i cannot justify purchasing them just for the sake of having them. they need to have a purpose.  being mindful of your space, and having a use for the item, will make you appreciate it more.  

[branch out beyond antique markets] 
while antique markets are really great, they are not the only place to find antiques.  garage sales, thrift stores, the reuse store, & websites like craigslist & kijiji are great places to look for those one-of-a-kind items that you are hunting for.  i found a beautiful milk glass lamp on craigslist after hunting in store for weeks.

have any tips of your own? please share - i'm a sucker for a great tip.  

happy hunting!   

- d

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