February 10, 2016

toronto wish list - winter edition

when the temperatures drop it becomes all too easy to stay in side, rock a pair of comfy sweats and never leave the warmth and comfort of our little home.  but there are always so many fun and interesting things happening in the city during the winter months.  this year i want to focus on accomplishing a few of them!

my plan for this winter is to load up on layers, grab a thermos full of hot tea, and do some serious winter exploring.  for this winter season, i want to:

- try cross country skiing.  i have done snow shoeing many times (and love it), but i thought that it would be fun to mix things up a little and try cross country skiing.  have you ever done it?

- go skating.  our city is full of public skating rinks.  they host events (like dj skate night down at harbourfront), have some really neat skating trails and venues, and have smaller rinks in just about every neighbourhood in the city.

- explore wards island.  i know what you are thinking, the island in the winter, are you nuts!  it will definitely be cold, but there are actually a few fun things to do on the island in the winter.  brunch at the cozy rectory cafe, a visit to far enough farm, or skating on the lagoons around the island are just a few of the fun activities the island offers in the winter months.

what things are you looking forward to doing this winter?


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