March 07, 2016

upcycled tin can planter

over the past few weeks b and i have been rooting some plant pieces that have fallen off plants we currently have.  and by fallen off i mean came in contact with our lovely cats who wanted to further explore the plants.  the little one especially loves plants.

my mom is a wiz with plants, and has rooted several for me in the past, so i thought i'd do the same.  it cannot be that hard, right?    

after a few weeks of patiently waiting, little roots began to grow.  and after a few more, it became time to pot them.  the only problem is that we had taken all of our little pots to storage in an effort to save space (ie: the weekend i spent purging after reading the magical art of tidying up).  

so we needed to get creative with how we were going to pot these cuties.

b actually came up with the idea to use one of the old tins we had.  and i have to say, i love the look of the tin as a planter.  the best part, the tin we used had a plastic lid, which works perfectly as a tray for any excess water.

upcycled tin plant holder

[what you need]

- an old tin, washed clean.  a tin with a plastic lid works well because the lid can become a tray to catch any excess water.
- screw driver
- small rocks
- soil
- plant

[to make]

take your screw driver and punch holes in the bottom of the tin.  this will allow the water to properly drain through the soil.

to assemble the planter, line the bottom with a few layers of rocks (at least 1").  this will (also) help with drainage when you water the plant.  next, add soil.  fill your tin up about 3/4 of the way.

add your plant.  be sure that the plant you have selected for your planter fits in comfortably, with a bit of room for growth.  pack down and top up the soil as needed.

and that's it. wasn't that simple!

now you have an adorable, upcycled tin planter.  i love the rustic, charming look the tin adds.

happy planting!


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