March 29, 2016

vintage freezer basket

a few weeks ago my mom took me to this amazing antique market out by them (aka out by hamilton).  she had been mentioning it for a while, but it is only open on sundays, which made getting there a little bit hard.

well, we finally made it.  and it was awesome!

it was a dreary, rainy day - the perfect type of day to hunt through stacks of old books and admire walls filled with beautiful pyrex.  she picked up a beautiful glass water jug, and i scored this adorable freezer basket.  it's so unique, and the snowflakes are adorable.

i am thinking it would look cute in the closet, with some chunky winter sweaters piled inside.

what do you think? what would you use a basket like this for?  i'd love to hear your suggestions.


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